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Updated: Apr 29, 2022

The Real Estate market is hotter than ever and no signs yet when will it stop...

Low inventory and great demand pushes prices higher and higher...

Ex-Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, is a very, very rich man -- his estimated net worth is $1 BILLION -- well guess what ... he could increase his wealth by 25% just by selling his home!!!

This is an eye-popping, record-breaking listing ... his massive Malibu estate just went on the market for $225 million. Before you scoff at this, let us tick off the amenities.

The main house is 25,000 square feet. But wait, that's just one structure. There are 9 buildings in all on the 5-acre property, including multiple guesthouses. It's even got a cabana on a bluff with its own elevator that will take you down to the beach!!!

It has one of the greatest swimming pools of all time with a sweeping view of the Pacific.

And, then there's a gym, a massive theater and, get this ... a tunnel that connects the pool area to the theater. Hopefully, the new buyer's guests won't jump from the pool to the theater's velvet sofas.

A celebrity realtor who himself is a land baron, has the listing. And, speaking of Kurt ... if this property sells for anywhere near asking, it will break an all-time sales record for California.

The current record is $177 million for another Malibu estate.

Eisner and his wife spent 25 years scooping up land and building on the properties.

Looks like it's gonna pay off, big time.


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