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Construction Loans, Bridge Loans, Private Financing and more for you.

Find construction financing here for a residential lot purchase, a single family, multi family loan or a fixed-rate conversion.

Get ready to build that perfect home with a Construction Loan from us. Loans to cover your lot purchase, construction and permanent financing. And Lot Loans help you purchase improved land to build a primary or second residence.

Get a loan that’s built for flexibility Advantages

  • One-Time Close New Home Construction Loans.

  • Include the lot purchase, construction costs and a permanent loan.

  • Require only one set of closing costs and loan documents.

  • Residential Lot Loans.

  • Finance up to 65% of the purchase cost of improved land.

  • Are ideal for constructing a primary residence or second home.

  • Allow you to buy a lot even if you are not ready to build.

  • Give you time to find a builder and complete your plans.

Things to think about Considerations

  • One-Time Close Loans are available for construction or major remodeling.

  • These loans feature a low fixed rate during the construction period.

  • Low down payment options are available.

  • There is no maximum construction loan amount.

  • The initial construction phase has one extension available.

  • Construction disbursements to builder are processed by our lenders.

Put 20% Down to Avoid PMI

With a conventional mortgage, you may need to purchase and pay for Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) if your down payment is below 20% of the sales price. Bottom line? It helps to have 20% down when you buy.

Use Relationship Pricing To Pay Less

Relationship Pricing is available on new adjustable rate mortgages only. Applicable for new or existing deposit and/or wealth balances totaling a minimum of $250,000. Some Direct accounts, business operating accounts, and CDs are ineligible products for meeting the balance requirement. Relationship Pricing program is subject to change at any time.

Own Your Home Twice as Fast

You’ll pay a bit more every month, but a short-term Fixed-Rate Mortgage can cut in half the amount of time it takes to own your home. Contact a banker for more details.

Consult a Mortgage Loan Officer

We’re proud of our history of investing in communities and client relationships. Our residential mortgage team works closely with you to assess your needs and offer the loan1 that will work for you.

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