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How to Invest in Trust Deeds I Passive Income Secured by Real Estate I Global Equity Partners

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Global Equity Partners is a Licensed Real Estate Company Specialized in Residential and Commercial Income Producing Properties.

Throughout centuries real estate has been the most reliable vehicle and asset for generational wealth creation.

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Do you consider yourself a Savvy investor?


Great !

Then you must have heard of trust deed investing before. You have not ?

No problem!

Many Savvy investors say the same thing when I ask them this question. It is a very simple process.

It starts with a residential or commercial real estate borrower seeking funding from Global Equity Partner as a reliable funding source. Global Equity Partner Evaluates the overall project plan and exit strategy to determine the value of the property.

We then evaluate the borrower's track record and financial stability. Once the borrower and the property has gone through a stringent underwriting process, the investment is offered to investors just like you.

Global Equity Partner has many investment options to choose from in various States, with various borrower and various real estate asset types. Once the loan to the borrower is funded by investors, a deed of trust is recorded on the property, listing our investors as the beneficiary to the property, making your investment collateralized by the real estate.

Then it is time to pull out the hammock and sit back as you earn annualize double digit returns paid monthly to investors from the borrowers, monthly payments that Global Equity Partner collects for you as the loan servicer.

When the borrower pays off the loan, investors receive their capital investment back and cycle starts all over again.

Pretty simple process, right?

Be a part of an ever growing group of Savvy investors filling a lending gap for borrowers while meeting your desired investment goals.

Get started today at or call us at 818-484-8008 to learn more.

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